Decline of Civilization

I’m seeing commercials on Hulu for pre-mixed drinks. Evidently, people are now too stupid to add alcohol to fruit drink or follow a 3-part recipe.

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1 Response to Decline of Civilization

  1. Heresolong says:

    These have been around for years/decades. I have a bottle of Trader Joe’s pre-mixed Mai Tai that a friend gave me. I haven’t opened it yet but I will admit that given the six ingredients required to make a proper Mai Tai it might be convenient in a pinch. As a bartender I learned RATSOP as the mnemonic.

    Triple Sec
    Sweet and sour
    Orange juice
    Pineapple juice

    Making one Mai Tai results in opened bottles of juice kicking around which generally, in my house, go bad.

    I will confess though that if I start seeing adverts for premixed rum and coke I might start to wonder.


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