Transformers, extinction review

Oh for freaks sake. This movie is just one long CGI enhanced car chase. The excitement is so pervasive, it just gets boring. Add to that the dad-daughter story and it just gets even more boring. I cant even tell who the good robots are anymore. Just tons of metal flying everywhere and explosions.

If normal background physics were a thing in this movie, millions of people are being killed under collapsing buildings and billions of tons of scrap metal falling from the sky.

GM seems to have bought prime placement rights.

Again, the white guy working for the CIA is the villain. And after making it clear he was doing it for the money, he still gives a speach about doing it all for his country. Pathetic writing.

Chinese industrialists are all hard working honest and productive and completely free of base motives. Just like real life (wink). One might think the producers allowed the Chinese government to review the product first.

Optimus prime… riding a transformer T-Rex. It’s like they aren’t even trying anymore.

Wait. Optimus Prime doesn’t need a space ship to travel? Did the writters get dropped on their collective heads?


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