Review: Lost in Space… black and white

I’m watching this old series from my childhood. It’s a great series. Lots of old actors playing bit parts long before they were famous.

Kurt Russell at 15 years old, playing a 12 year old, proving his manliness by beating up 10 year old Will Ribinson… and losing.

The Amazon version is terribly high definition in a way the old TV series could never be. You can see every hair and pore on close up faces.

What the F were they thinking sending a single family into space. Who were the young Robinsons supposed to mate with and continue the human race? Aliens?

Kill Smith already. Every single episode he is causing potentially lethal challenges to the family. Push him off a cliff. Smash his head with a rock. I don’t care how much of a pacifist you are. Just look the other way when the military pilot gets in a rage. For the good of the family, Smith MUST die. Exile is not good enough. He just comes back.

Episode where will goes back to Earth. Great episode. Made in the 1966, intending to be decades later, but will goes to a town that is primitive even by 1966 standards. I was alive in 1966. We had dial phones in every home. We didn’t have those edison phones from 1930. Now were we still using wagons with wheels made by the local blacksmith.

I swear. Every single episode. Crisis. Where are the kids? Let’s go find them. More crisis. Probably should rethink that whole, let’s take children into space thing.

Over and over, they learn the lesson of being armed everywhere, and then the very next episode, they are wandering around without their guns. These people learn way too slowly to have reached space travel. Ever.


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