More mixed messages

Recent General motors commercial doesn’t advertize their cars any more. They advertize their people. Their diverse and inclusive people. Ok. No thanks.

Now today, the new Ford commercial hits the waves. Talking bad about people who “tear things down and then fly away on their personal space ship”. Who on earth could that be? Bezos? Musk? When were they “tearing things down? Why is Ford spending advertising dollars to demonize people that the car buying public cannot relate to: fictional people. Did they run out of real people to claim villainy about?

Then the Ford commercial goes on to talk about their awesome workforce. Their inclusive diverse workforce. Not their cars. Again. No thanks.

Why do they do this? Do they really not care about selling cars? Exactly. The companies who make commercials only have one type of customers. It’s not car buyers. Their customers buy commercials. And those buyers don’t sell cars either. They work in marketing departments and they think the most important thing is to show how virtuous they are. And they don’t care how much of GM’s or Ford’s money it costs.


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2 Responses to More mixed messages

  1. theantignostic says:

    These companies have so much legacy IP and cash flow that they can do whatever they want; people will still buy F150’s and Broncos. The C-suite executives embrace it because it’s their new religion; it’s how they redeem themselves from from the fact that at this point they’re as privileged and parasitic as Hapsburg aristocrats.


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