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It seems the movie industry is not satisfied at having ruined Dune, Star trek, Star Wars, Aliens, Wheel of Time, Sword of Truth, and the entire f-ing Marvel universe. They have left untouched another sci-fi classic story.

BABYLON 5 is getting a reboot treatment, 25 years after the original.

I can’t wait to complain about how bad it is compared to the original.


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2 Responses to Who are you?

  1. Heresolong says:

    You didn’t mention them co-opting all the character names from Tolkien’s History of Middle Earth for their basically unrelated fantasy adventure series. A friend who has never read LOTR said “well they had to make it exciting”. I pointed out that there were 20 volumes of history with plenty of excitement.

    Asked for specific examples of Tolkien abandonment, I started with the observation that Galadriel was a 2,000 year old elf queen and they had her leading a scouting patrol, he switched to “they wanted a strong female character”. At that point I abandoned the conversation because someone who thinks that a 2,000 year old elf queen isn’t a strong female character doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand much of anything.

    Still a friend though.


    • theantignostic says:

      I watched a couple of episodes. The multy-culty mosh pit of mystery-meat characters was completely contrived, to the point that some white characters actually had Asian children.

      I call this the Stork Theory of human taxonomy: flocks of storks just drop babies willy-nilly into maternity wards. Brown babies, yellow babies, black babies, just popping up wherever the storks drop them.

      Anyway, yes it was Tolkein in name only and otherwise had zero relation to Tolkein’s myth


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