Biden cracks… down on stuff that no one uses.

According to “the week”, through Yahoo, the Biden administration is cracking down on “conversion therapy”, citing it as dangerous and discredited. He is doing this by executive order. That means it will literally not have any impact at all. Executive orders only matter in the operation of the federal government. Since the Federal government does not expend funds performing such activities or allow Medicare/VA funds to do so and does not play a role in licensing such people or facilities, this really is a pointless virtue signal for the Biden administration to pander to a VERY small population of people who were all going to vote Democrat anyway.

But since his target is “dangerous and discredited practices” we will be eagerly awaiting his crackdowns on:

Fung shue

Acupuncture (pretty much all of “eastern medicine”)


Diet drugs

Diet programs

The entire “Organic” marketing industry

The Dietary Supplements Industry

The entire childhood vaccination schedule

And maybe look under that rock that convinces 1/3 of women that they NEED mood altering drugs.

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