Hollywood people signal their virtue, painlessly

Once again, the cultural elites demonstrate how elite they are, culturally and do so in the way that suits them best: Preening. Not costing any of them any real work, money, or risk.

Top Showrunners and Producers Make Gun Safety Pledge in Wake of Uvalde, Buffalo Mass Shootings

It would have been much more effective if instead of disarming make-believe characters in their movies, they disarmed themselves and their personal security people. Then also demand that police abandon their culturally superior neighborhoods and go where they are really needed: high crime neighborhoods.

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1 Response to Hollywood people signal their virtue, painlessly

  1. Heresolong says:

    Just watched the link and to be honest, I don’t even know what their plan is. Modeling gun safety? You mean having the gangbanger in the CSI episode keep his gun in a lockbox? Show inner city kids being entertained by Eddie the Eagle at a birthday party? Carefully explain to the home invader that the guns are in a time lock safe that can only be opened once each day at 5 pm?

    The fact is that in TV and movies most average people don’t get to have guns. Only the cops and the bad guys. So I have no idea what their plan is. Of course I doubt that any of these people know anything about guns anyway so whatever they are modeling will ultimately be 100% wrong anyway.


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