I really don’t understand modern advertizing. It seems like they really dont want me to buy their products.

1. Their target audiences seem to be black or gay. I have nothing in common with those groups. Nothing.

2. Goldman Sacks is advertizing an investment account that’s “4 times the national average”. The national average is currently near zero. 4 times zero is…

3. The Lexus commercials are aimed at rich people. Good for them. I have nothing in common.

4. Ford offering $1,000 cash back. After jacking their prices more than enough to cover that. Does anyone still buy that old sales trick?

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  1. Heresolong says:

    I called a Harley shop with which I have been doing “over the phone” business for the past two years, since both the Harley shops near me shut down. It’s a two hour drive, each way, to the nearest now. (I have a small, part time, independent Harley maintenance and repair shop so I probably by several thousand dollars worth of parts from them each year, stuff that HD does better or stuff that just isn’t available aftermarket). They claimed they had no idea who I was, kept me on the phone for ten minutes “confirming” that they had a prior relationship with me, told me that they would be selling me parts at retail + tax+shipping instead of giving me the 10% discount they used to. I have few options so agreed that it would have to do. The manager then told me that the counter sales person would call me back to finish processing my order. He never did. The same counter sales person who didn’t call me back the last two times on the same parts over the course of two months. Parts which Harley has in stock so just have to be paid for and ordered.

    It’s almost like they don’t want my business. The owner of the store will be getting a letter and I am figuring out my other options, even if a little less convenient. At least I hope to find a place that returns my calls and acts like they want my money.


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