Arts and crafts: Hot tub experience

While I was away at the far and away, I unplugged and emptied my hot tub. When I got back, I moved it to a new location and that required new wiring run. I couldn’t really work on that in the winter because 3 pieces of #6 wire are not very flexible at under 40 degrees.

Anyway. I finally got around to it and was filling it up in anticipation of hot tub awesomeness. Then I noticed the water running out the bottom of the tub. It seems some of the PVC pipes were full of water and froze, thus splitting.

Those are not just “go to lowes and get a new one” pipes. So, I’m attempting to fix them with China freight 2-part epoxy. Applied inside and outside the pipe.

I’m hoping it’s just the one pipe and not one of those burried deeply hard to get to pipes.

Since I had the floor open to run the wire, I went ahead and ran some CAT 6 cable for internet as well.

UPDATE: It is FUBARed. The main manifold is also cracked and it is beyond arms reach to get to so I can’t even slather it with epoxy. This will require lifting the unit onto it’s side to remove the bottom and getting into it that way.

Update 2: (Huff- puff-wheeze) This is the part where I invite several of my friends over to help. But I don’t have any friends. So, I use some of the five simple engines: The inclined plane, the lever, the pully, the wedge, and the Toyota 4runner. Unfortunately for me, the pullies are not up to the standard. If you recall your basic pully math, divide the weight by the number of rope sections to get the effective weight. So, in the picture below, I am dividing 1000 pounds by three. I’m still not getting there. In addition, I used cheap pullies that were not designed for this application and the ropes keep slipping out of the grooves. In addition, there doesn’t seem to be any secure attaching points in the frame of the tub. So, I started by levering it up from the bottom secure in the knowledge that I will achieve the tipping point of the tub, or it will fall on my putting me out of my misery. I need to go to Rural King and look for a better block and tackle rig, or find the winch I bought and crank it up that way… If I can find a place to secure it.

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