‘Rona update

We are still choking our way through a national nightmare of government over-reaction. This time it’s a virus. What will it be next time? The government loves them a good crisis. Then they can feel free to change the rules at a whim and do as they wish.

Vaxes still don’t work. I expect that a 4th booster won’t be offered because it will be like admitting that the first three did nothing.

Masks still don’t work. They never did work.

Trend 1: Children are showing huge language deficiencies. Children learn by watching Adults in their lives. Parents first, then teachers. With everyone masked and mumbling, children can’t learn to speak properly. They can’t see anyone’s lips move. Nor can they hear the right pronunciations on anything. This shouldn’t be a secret. It is what the black folk used to call “white privilege”, but it’s really education privilege. Evidently, a child learning to speak well from his parents has a huge advantage all through life. The opposite of children whose parents speak Ebonics or are illiterate, or have a 500 word vocabulary. Covid is forcing lots of children OUT of the privilege category.

Trend 2: It is a criminal level of child abuse to inflict Covid vaccines on children. They don’t work and children were never at any risk. NEVER. This is despite news media trying to overplay a few stories of children getting sick and dying. Turns out in every case, the kids died of something else. Add to that the possibility of unimaginable side effects (unimaginable because this was never tested for use in children or any long term studies).

The States and local governments are arguing among themselves about mandates. Not the value of mandates in accomplishing their stated goals. The clear correlation seems to be tied to the proximity to elections. Even Democrats are having a hard time campaigning on “following the science”. Here in Virginia, the State house went from a party line split over mandates to a near unanimous “lift them now” position. It seems Democrats were fine with Gov Northam having dictatorial powers but are reconsidering letting Gov Youngkin do the same.

If we were ever “following the science” we would have stopped wearing masks after the first 90 days and there would have never been a booster shot offered.

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