Things we know we know.

When it comes to knowledge, there are 4 types:

Things we know we know.

Things we don’t know we know.

Things we thought we knew.

And things we don’t know we don’t know.

This is about the first kind. In the realm of COVIDS and transmissions, we as a nation have been living with it for 2 years now so we should know quite a bit. We still seem to not know a lot about it. There are some things we definitely know that we know.

  1. We know that whatever it is we are doing is not working. Two years into this and we still have it. Two years. It is a certainty that if what we have been doing hasn’t worked yet, in two years, it is very likely to never work, no matter how much more of it we do. It isn’t working because it can’t work.
  2. Masking does not work. We have been enforcing 100% masking on airplanes for 2 years and still every variant of COVID has spread to every country on the planet as if there were no borders at all. Even to New Zealand.
  3. “Vax” does not work. Despite having access to a “vaccine” that public health officials swore was 95% effective, then swore was 85% effective, then swore was 75% effective if you got three doses, the virus is still spreading at the same rates as when we had no vaccine at all.
  4. Handwashing does not work. Even perfect disinfection of hands results in a “germ free” surface on the hands that only lasts about 20 minutes before all the germs repopulate.
  5. Herd Immunity does not work. After 2 years, the virus should have touched enough of the population that we achieved this several times over. It isn’t happening.
  6. The only thing that does work is isolation. Not 6 feet isolation, TOTAL isolation.
  7. The other thing that seems to work 100% of the time: being an elected official or on their highly placed appointed staff. Then, even if you get the Rona, you are going to get well without a ventilator and without 2 weeks debilitating recovery. 100%. Think about that. We know with certainty that our elected officials openly flaunt the policies they impose on the rest of us, whenever they think the cameras are off. We know with certainty that they have a high percentage of co-morbidities such as obesity and advanced age. Yet not a single one of them has been hospitalized for COVID in 2 years. Not one. How does such a thing happen? Between congress, courts, governors and cabinet officials, we are talking about over a thousand people. A thousand privileged people who do lots of air travel and shake lots of unwashed hands. Not One.
  8. The last thing we know with certainty is that the national lapdog media is monolithically uncurious about this statistical anomaly. Not one story I can find has been published about this. Not one.

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2 Responses to Things we know we know.

  1. Heresolong says:

    Some of the articles I’ve read suggest that the vax and the isolation has actually worked against herd immunity. The vax has prevented sufficient people from developing anti-bodies that protect against variants while forcing the virus to mutate differently than it otherwise would have. Can’t remember the name of the process. The isolation has prevented the virus from spreading normally, thus reducing quick transmission, illness, and recovery. Not to mention the reduction in immunity to all the other things we normally have and get from contact with people.

    Regarding “important people” going about their lives as normal, there’s a saying “I’ll believe it’s a crisis when they start acting like it’s a crisis”. Applies quite nicely here. It is quite apparent to me that this is about control, not a virus.


  2. Thurl bradburn says:

    A men


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