A few words about Kyle Rittenhouse

  1. He was innocent. Not “found innocent”. Not “got off on a technicality”. Innocent.
  2. He should never have been prosecuted. The law is clear on this. It shouldn’t have taken a jury to decide. The judge should have dismissed the case on it’s merits.
  3. The prosecutor should be dismissed and disbarred. This is a clear case of using the power of the state to maliciously prosecute an innocent man for political gain. This is a criminal offense on the part of the prosecutor. This is exactly the sort of thing an unbiased DoJ exists for. Instead, the Biden DoJ is already looking into the possibility of bringing federal civil rights charges against Rittenhouse.
  4. This is typical of the Left. They will often drag innocent people into court on charges that simply have no merits. Then they dogpile the charges with other ancillary offenses and present the accused with a choice: Plead guilty to a small offense or we will bankrupt you defending yourself and then risk going to prison for life. This should be a crime. No innocent person should be compelled to admit to guilt simply because they can’t afford the trial. Yet this is how prosecutors behave every day in this country. This is why I believe the plea bargain should be illegal. Every criminal case should be proven in court.
  5. It is also typical of the Left to continue to charge people when they know the law is not on their side because similar cases have already been decided against them. Like how DC continue to prosecute gun possession cases despite the Supreme court telling them that the way they enforce those laws is unconstitutional.
  6. The Left is unhinged. The entire news establishment today is crying in their cornflakes about the injustice of letting an obvious murderer walk free. Feature after feature interviewing the dead men’s family and friends and talking about how they were such awesome people. For the left, everything is a “my team” versus “your team” battle with no middle ground. The Left cannot simply admit that there was no reason for them to uphold the rights of violent criminals to roam the streets.

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  2. blueinfantry says:

    You nailed it. On every count.

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  3. Heresolong says:

    I think the “dismissed on the merits” has the difficulty of being appealable or refiled with another judge. The verdict by a jury cannot be appealed and he cannot be charged again. So there’s that.

    Agree with you on everything else. The DA is a lying ass-hat, the charges were outrageous, there has rarely been a case with so much evidence for self defense. I also find it wonderfully ironic that the fellow who survived being shot was instrumental in proving to the jury that he was also a lying ass-hat. If he had been dead he would not have been there to make it so clear.


    • No One says:

      Like said, “dismissed on the merits” AND “punishing the prosecutor”. This would discourage others from jumping on that bandwagon. As it is, when prosecutors pay no penalty for using their office in a criminal manner, we can expect more of this. It’s like they just keep rolling the dice hoping for a verdict in their favor to scare gun owners into submission. Better yet, to get a case to the Supreme court to rule that there is no universal right to self defense. In the mean time, they can continue to punish the innocent just by making them pay tens of thousands of dollars to prove they are innocent.

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  4. dolphinwrite says:

    He was doing what should be common among the good citizens of this country. Many pronounced judgement upon him, hiding and huddling in their homes, not helping others out there as he did.


  5. dolphinwrite says:

    That’s also why many resent him. His bravery contrasts with what they didn’t do.


  6. dolphinwrite says:

    Often, when honest bloggers write, the articles seem to write themselves. Often, I wait until that occurs, for then, I know the article is correct. For this article, I’m encouraging those who do know what is right to share, because it is by expression that some people come to understand.
    There are people who know what’s right but don’t speak or act upon what they know. I’ll share it this way. I met a man, wearing a mask, worrying, in my friend’s store (I was helping.). I knew what was what. I said something like: “I can see you’re worried about this virus, but you do know it’s just another flu, right?” He nodded, then mentioned family members. You see, he was living in fear because of others’ views. If he knew more people who thought for themselves, spoke with clarity, and stated facts as they are, he might have had the necessary energy to speak up at home, setting others right. Later, another customer shared that the only reason he got the vaccine was because of his wife. I could see he wasn’t happy admitting this.
    This same thing goes with our second amendment rights. This same thing goes with our freedoms of speech (The term “hate speech” is a marxists’ control tactic.). This same thing goes with Kyle Rittenhouse. This same thing goes with taking kids out of public propaganda camps and home schooling with love. This same thing goes with speaking against any propaganda.
    On these blogging sites, it’s sooo… easy to see. Tons of people need attention. Tons of people need support. That’s why many are blogging. They probably are happy to have a thousand facebook friends they never see. Tons of people need encouragement. So, tons of people doubt themselves, feel terrible inside, then start speaking and writing like the propaganda cr#p, then get the high fives, the thumbs-ups, the pats on the back, the smiles from work, and what they see on television agrees with them. I suppose, this is more effective with young people who haven’t yet framed their opinions, seeing their own parents caving into pressure.
    Since I won’t use a paid site, I know my articles don’t get as much exposure (But I also comment on others’ posts, so I still get people reading.). But people read. And those who read know from their own experiences, observations, readings, and research, so I’m not telling most what they don’t already know, just finding new ways to say it. But they also can write. And here’s the ticket. The more common sense, constitutional loving people write, expressing their understanding, their support for freedom, supporting the rights of others, the more common sense becomes a reality to people.
    Let’s say an object lies between the Earth and the moon: in the middle. Well, the object will move towards the Earth. But let’s say, another object nearby, much bigger than the Earth exists, the object will move towards that. Opinions are that way. You see it in rooms where a lot of people are chatting. They want to fit in. They want dates. They want friends. But they need the truth.
    In a room of a hundred guests (These represent the gigantic celestial object.), 80 are propagandized, believing guns are the problem. 15 (They represent the Earth.) know guns are the answer, that it’s our right, but they’re afraid of the other 80, many of whom have money. And 5 know what’s right, but only 3 speak clearly in support of our Constitution. A new person comes in. What’s the chance of a guy looking for a date hanging with the 3? The “cute” woman are with the 80. Most will gravitate towards the 80. That’s what people are seeing in many blog sites. Not all. But I have seen people begin to honestly speak up. And this is because they’re seeing honest, constitutional loving, responsible people explaining how the cow ate the cabbage. We say it. We keep saying it. We “show” them the trail of understanding. Some hear and understand. They discuss among their peers. With time, more and more people see and understand.
    I have sat there, talking with a friend, talking with a coworker, talking with a relative, talking with a customer, and they completely understand the topic. Whether it’s the ridiculousness of the “flat-Earth” arguments, supporting our second amendment rights, the need to read and research a new vaccine (an MRNA vaccine) and not just get lumped in with the crowd, protecting the unborn, or getting a better education by having an attitude of questioning and researching on your own (Also, realizing what’s in these public propaganda education camps is not worth a dime.), they come to the right conclusions. Or so you would think. But when they’re back with “their people”, they completely change their tune. Why? More than one reason.
    One reason is, like me, many have discovered when they do speak up, their “friends” who agree are nowhere to be seen. They want family and friends, so they take the path of least resistance. And with all the media, political, and social pressures, they adjust their thinking to survive. They actually talk themselves into believing cr#p. And I get it. They want the social, to be liked, to have others to hang out with, but they’re living in conflict with themselves. I wonder how many diseases are caused by living in conflict with yourselves.
    That’s part of why I keep bringing back Natan Shiransky, for I’ve never heard a better explanation of this phenomena, though I’m improving. As I understand, he grouped people into three categories. 1) The true believers. These fall hook, line, and sinker with the powerful propagandists, wanting to go along, and they’ll march full tilt to change everyone else. I’m not sure what makes this kind of person, but I think I know a couple. However, by demonstrating why they’re wrong, others understand the real issues. 2) The go along to get along (He didn’t say it that way.): These have doubts, or know better, but they don’t want to be “outed”, fingered, or put on a list, so they speak the party language. However, I think this group have inner turmoil because they know what’s right, but they won’t speak or do what’s right out of fear. I suppose, diseases afflict this group. There are tons of these people in the blogging world. They need to realize the reason we have freedom, the reason the Marxists haven’t yet taken over, is because, at this point, there are much more common sense people than the other. It’s just that most are too busy working, being responsible, and taking care of family. They don’t have computer time. Then there’s 3) The aware. They see the propaganda. They see the lies. They think for themselves, no matter how long it takes, and often they’re the ones in trouble, but they understand and attempt to help others to understand and speak honestly. **To understand such things helps in communicating. Not that I’m a great example. But I understand and can frame words to express, whether anyone is listening or not. Doesn’t matter. Keep sharing.
    But that’s where the ones who do think for themselves, responsibly, and search endlessly to understand, and won’t allow anyone to do their thinking (probably because they can’t), are important in the blogging world, the publishing world, and everywhere else.
    The problems we see today took a long time to get here. I remember, in my youth, being told not to be aware of others in the neighborhood (They called it being nosy.). Good advice. But when you know the lies and propaganda being told, you have to speak up. At least with your own family and friends. You see, honest has to become like that large celestial object. Honesty has to have a greater gravitational pull than propaganda. The way that happens is by honest people writing, educating others. Then, over time, more and more people speak and write with clarity, following the rabbit of reason down the trail of understanding. And this is good for everyone. This is good for the country. And other countries will benefit from our clarity, as a nation.
    **To thine own self be true.


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