Dune: update

Despite the obvious flaws of this movie, it seems the entire entertainment media is lock-step promoting it. Almost as if they are being paid to do so.

An alternative explanation is that the anti-trump campaign, which is still going on, has completely driven from writers all sense of independant thought. They are now only capable of rewording the talking points they are given and. Collecting their pay.

The fawning and ingratiating is beyond just a few Herbert fan boys. It is 100% lock step. And the real star is the single-named alternatively pretty actress. She has few lines, and a totally flat delivery, but its obvious the producers intend her to be the star. If you doubt, just read the reviews.

Even the lackluster financial reports from opening week are being cast as “beating projections”. This movie may not even cover their costs and the media is declaring success .

The only movie that the media industry has promoted more loyally this year is the Chinese propaganda film about the Korean war. North Korea! The best Korea!

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