A few words about Colin Powell.

Colin Powell died last week. I am sure it was a great sadness and loss for his friends. May he rest in peace.

I never met him, but I lived in the Army that he ran. Im not really interested in media claims about how he rose through the ranks. I will limit my remarks to things I know.

1. Colin Powell started americas longest war. Not with his performance at the UN. His main crime was promoting the “cracker barrell doctrine”.

He proposed that you can’t invade a country, break all their stuff and just leave. You have to stay and rebuild what you broke. No matter how much it takes. Even back then, he was all about America paying the bills for the international jet set crowd.

2. The media is making a big deal about him being the last republican with a conscience. The media has had Powell’s back since the beginning and never went after him like they went after Bush and Cheney. The media has consistently told the story that powell was tricked, fooled, and lied to by state department (which Powell ran), and intelligence agencies. It is just the same old anti-bush media monolith still promoting the propaganda they created in 2000. They will never publish the real truth.

3. Powell is not a Republican, and never was. He registered as a Republican for political reasons, recognizing the value a black republican general would have instead on just being another black democrat. He always voted for the democrats on every ticket, and donated money to them. In this, he is not alone. Most senior officers in the military are borderline socialists.

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1 Response to A few words about Colin Powell.

  1. Wilson says:

    Just another black man owned by the democrats.


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