A few words about the fall of Afghanistan

This was inevitable. Only huge American payoffs kept it propped up this long.

Every American general and colonel who ever signed a report calling the Afghan national army “good enough” should be fired and publicly disgraced. Every state department official should join them in public humiliation. They were either delusional or lying all along and should be held accountable for their lack of results. In most cases, the us military is incapable of recognizing the difference between great leaders and mediocrity. This is an example of total failure at the strategic and national level and should be treated as such.

Which city in American city gets to be the “Kabul” of the midwest? Didn’t we already see this movie? Doesn’t anyone understand that “bringing them here” is not the only possible solution? How about all those islamic countries?

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3 Responses to A few words about the fall of Afghanistan

  1. Heresolong says:

    We are still in Korea after 70 years, we are still in Germany after 75 years, we bailed on Afghanistan after 20 years and it collapsed as we were leaving. I think I read somewhere that no American servicemen have died in Afghanistan in the past several months. Why did we just pile onto planes and run out the door with no plan? Could we have stuck around and continued to help them get their shit in order? I don’t know. I just hate the 20 years of wasted blood and treasure and wonder if a better plan (for example the one a certain president was working on) might have given better results. Or maybe not. Maybe it was going to collapse no matter what we did.


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