Vox day’s site expunged

I’m actually surprised it lasted as long as it did. Support for Trump and all the stories that big tech wanted suppressed were reason enough to gut this site long before now.

Let’s face it. The Left never agreed with free speach for anyone but themselves.

I’m sure VD has known this was coming and prepared. Those of you who do social media likely already have the whole story.

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5 Responses to Vox day’s site expunged

  1. Joshua Gray says:

    Why are all the blog sites run by leftists. Why are there no conservative blog hosts? Seems to me to be the issue.


    • No One says:

      Former president Barack Obama is famous for saying “you didnt build that”. He was right. He knew then that all the people on boards of directors are not the people who built all those huge companies. They are people who were appointed because they had connections. The same is true for google-blogger-facebook. The people who have those companies now, didnt build them so they just milk them and use them for their own gratification.


  2. freebird says:

    Knuckledragging Kenny has the new link at his site.
    http://www.milobookclub.com is the new link


  3. buckeyebob says:

    That Vox ix stupid like a Fox . Those of us here in the hills appreciate him and the Fox also . Google has about as much success eliminating Vox as I do the thousands of Foxes here on the homestead . But just as I never tire of killing ,maiming and even torturing a fox after one of my endangered Jersey Buff Turkeys gets beheaded the internet commies will persue Mr Day till the Lord comes back . Then they shall have bigger concerns such as the Lake of Fire . Gawd save Vox !


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