Dear microsoft:

STOP UPDATING WINDOWS 10!!! It was working fine 72 hours ago and now it wont run 12 minutes without shutting itself off after a blue screen warning.

It’s not my machine. It’s all my windows 10 computers. And…. what a coincedence… Google won’t link to a single other person on the whole internet with the same problem. Just links to generic “how to fix your blue screens” problems.

F you very much.

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3 Responses to Dear microsoft:

  1. Heresolong says:

    And there at the bottom of the screen, a post by you that WordPress thinks I might be interested in re-reading.


    Windows 10: DO NOT WANT
    (3). Getting rid of it

    So what happened in the intervening six years? 😁


    • No One says:

      Same reason you cant buy a brand new model T any more. They don’t make them. I appreciate the integration that goes along with a new in the box computer versus a box of parts ordered separately on the internet. New computers come with windows 10. No arguments. Im not one of those guys who wants all the extra integration hassel just to establish geek-cred with the other unix guys.

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      • Heresolong says:

        My Sony laptop is almost ten years old. Still works great (yay Sony) but I suspect that the writing is on the wall. I am thinking about setting up a Linux box using the Sony when I finally have to buy a new computer (won’t be a Sony because they don’t make them anymore) for everyday use. Just because I’ve always thought that I should. Tried to do a dual boot years ago but Linux was not, at that point, particularly user friendly and I got bored.


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