Something to look at.

Just more hi res scenery from Shenandoah National Park, last week from my hiking.

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3 Responses to Something to look at.

  1. doomdigit says:

    What do you think of the Unrestricted Warfare book?


    • No One says:


      It’s the same old “hit the enemy where they are weak” that mil philosophy specializes in. It just goes to show that the Chinese are not immune from reprinting old ideas so that modern authors can take credit for something refreshing and new. One may even go so far as to say “all is fair in love and war”. The very idea of restricted warfare is a European one, and a self-serving one at that. European aristocrats didn’t want to play war if they suffered as much as the serfs.

      The most important idea is overlooked in much of military philosophy is that military actions should support the grand strategic objectives of national leaders. Winning battles is irrelevant unless it produces a total victory. Gaining the same total victory without even having a military is preferred.

      Thus, the important part of the unasked question is not “are the Chinese using unrestricted warfare against the USA”? They are not. They are simply competing with us on a number of playing fields where military interaction is not likely other than to support national prestige (Chinese Aircraft carriers) and enrich the Chinese aristocracy (the new Mandarins), many of whom are generals and admirals.

      Their top goal is to generate generational wealth for themselves and their families in perpetuity. Any sort of war against the USA undermines that and potentially removes their entire families from the gene pool. They don’t want travel to the USA cut off to their Mandarins. They don’t want trade disrupted. They want to merely gain an upper hand in trade, and keep it. Any form of war undermines their strategic goals. That is why they hated Trump. He understood what they were doing and wasn’t playing along like so many other American “Mandarins” were. The Chinese were paying American politicians and connected people in the media BILLIONS. How DARE Trump get in the way of that.


  2. doomdigit says:

    Thanks, just started reading. First two chapters was thinking over rated as well.


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