There is no Military “Purge”

Over at Brock’s site, there is a post about the military purge that some people thought was happening in the Obama administration and that the Biden Administration is continuing.

Of course, this is a subject near and dear to my heart. I totally understand that in our society today we are dependent on others to tell us what is going on around us because it just isn’t possible for everyone to personally be everywhere and witness it themselves. So this is not a criticism of anyone who believes this and other similar conspiracies. I can tell you for a fact, there was no “purge” in the military.

  1. The political leaders just don’t care about each individual officer’s promotion. In a military of over 2 million people, the system runs on statistical information, not on a by-name basis. So as long as enough of the right sexes and skin colors are getting promoted, the system doesn’t care which individuals make it to the top.
  2. The system is unable to tell the difference between a strategic genius and a guy who just puts on a good show. Even in war, idiot generals can bumble along to victory due to factors that are outside their control and for the same reasons, great generals can be fired for failures that were beyond their control.
  3. Military officers are inherently very liberal. They reflect the society they come from and from college educated people, that means liberal. Add to that a lifetime of service where they have dictatorial control over others to include government housing, medicine, child care, K-12 education of children, and even accounting for what you do on your time off and you see that communism is baked into the pie. So there is no need to ever purge anyone because the people who are there are already ideologically the “right” people.
  4. In any group of 2 million people, there will be a constant stream of retirements, thousands every month. In each of those groups, there will be disgruntled people who disagree with the conditions of their retirements. Boo-Freaking-Hoo. That is life. The military doesn’t need 2 million generals and admirals who serve life-time appointments. So a whole bunch of people have to move along and find something else to do with their lives.

As I have mentioned here before, I am a retired military officer and worked in the Pentagon all throughout the Obama administration. There was no purge. There is no purge. If you ask any military officers (and I have asked) if they fear a purge or see any signs of one on ideological basis they will tell you there is no sign of this going on.

What you will see in the military and that some officers do fear are the following:

a. Hyper “equal” opportunity. White officers know that their own promotion potential just got the brakes applied in order to make more potential for minorities, women and gays. They also know that they are not allowed to complain about it because that is racist and will make them ineligible for further advancement. Everyone in the military wants advancement. This is nothing new. Every democratic administration treats the military like a jobs program and slush fund.

b. The democrats are in charge and they are hyper activists for communism in the USA which includes all of the communist party platform ideas including the global plan to weaken Western democracies by undermining all of their institutions (like justice, Christianity, education, government, and the military services). Everyone in the military knows what this looks like and knows they need to STFU and color.

c. All good military officers know when to say things are “more just”, so there is never any need to purge them.

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2 Responses to There is no Military “Purge”

  1. blueinfantry says:

    Well said. Nothing has changed. 🙂 It’s the way it is…


  2. Heresolong says:

    Words have meaning. Well said.


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