Derek Chauvin’s Crimes

The scales of justice are sometimes slow, but they finally came into balance for Derek Chauvin. Here is a list of just a few of his crimes.

  1. Got up when the alarm clock rang and went to work on time instead of calling in sick and spending more time with his family.
  2. Took a career in law enforcement that required diligence, preparation and hardship instead of just hanging out in his car smoking a blunt and waiting for “money”.
  3. When the call came to respond in a black neighborhood, he answered it instead of calling in a bathroom break or attending to a parking violation.
  4. When the perp started struggling, he acted to keep the perp from hurting his fellow officers and assembling masses of civilians.
  5. Called for an EMT and ambulance even before the perp showed medical distress.

I hope other police all around the country are taking notes on proper police procedures. If you are a white police officer, avoid black neighborhoods and black perps. Nothing good will come from that. Let the black officers police their own communities. Or just watch how they do it and do the same. More coffee breaks. Getting there just a little too late to “fight crime”. And every time you are called, find a few code violations that the victim is guilty of so your sergeant still thinks you are on the job. Bonus effect, people stop calling 9-1-1. Spend more time in your car texting your GF and your side piece. Maybe take a few extra bills to look the other way.

Civilization had a good run. Nothing lasts forever.

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