Arts and crafts: floor addendum

As I said previously, I had a few boxes of scraps from the flooring factory. I took them back to LOWES for no trouble return. But since I only get 90 days to return products, i felt the need to open more boxes and see if there are more. I bought 36 boxes. I opened 10 to complete the bedroom including two unusable boxes. That leaves 26 boxes I needed to check.

I opened and checked 11 more boxes and found no additional problems. I will take the risk that maybe one more box is defective in packing.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the product itself and gladly recommend Bruce floors.

These packaging errors are potentially devistating. I bought enough matching products to finish the entire first floor. If I have any more bad boxes, I may not have enough to complete the job. My initial 10% waste buffer is more than enough to not need to replace the two return boxes. The difficult part is the risk that color-style will be discontinued and I fall half a box short.

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