Arts and crafts: bedroom 98%.

The bedroom is mostly done. Just need some trim painting, baseboards and touchups and done.

In summary, there is nothing here that was here when I started.

  • Raised subfloor 2.5″
  • Replaced plastic plank floor with 3/4″ hardwood.
  • Removed 4 windows.
  • Installed interior door where there used to be a wall.
  • Installed exterior sliding glass door.
  • Installed pot lights.
  • Increased insulation from R-18 to R-30 in the ceiling and R-11 to R-18 in the walls including replacing paper vapor barrier with plastic sheet barrier.
  • Raised ceiling to cathedral style.
  • All new drywall and paint.
  • New interior wall between bed and dining room.
  • 3 new electrical outlets, cat6 internet and cable tv hard wired. Room lights and deck lights on 3way switches.
  • 2 new HVAC ducts to bring in ac/heating.

Just a little more touch up and I can move into it. Then I finish up the dining room/office.

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2 Responses to Arts and crafts: bedroom 98%.

  1. No One says:

    Thanks. The rest of the living spaces should go quickly since I have already done most of those areas hard work.


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