He has been gone for over a month now and they still won’t let him get off the treadmill.

It’s time to move on. It’s time to rejuggle the lineup and let some of the others have their shot. This unending clip show that has taken over the Rush Limbaugh show is not worthy of him. Let the man rest already. I understand that there is no “next Rush Limbaugh” just as there is no “Next Trump”. That is what life looks like. Some people are easily replaceable and some are not.

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3 Responses to LET RUSH GO!

  1. Heresolong says:

    I never listen to the radio so I don’t know what they are running during that slot, but it isn’t a matter of “letting him go”, it is literally that the company that sold his show now has a three hour slot that they have to fill by contract with all those radio stations. The “replacement” for Limbaugh is just them filling their schedule so that they can continue to sell radio shows. I agree with you, though, to the extent that they will start to lose listeners if they don’t put a regular show into that slot fairly quickly. My suggestions, without knowing anything about the company or who they have under contract and based on people whose shows I have enjoyed in the past, would be Hugh Hewitt or Lars Larson (apparently I have a thing for hosts with alliterative names).


    • No One says:

      I don’t really care if they fill the timeslot. They will lose listeners in any case and that is predictable. Their reasonable transition period to do something else has elapsed. They have had lots of opportunities to test drive replacements over the past year. None are as good as the original. Those shoes are too large to fill. There is no Rush Limbaugh show without Rush Limbaugh, no matter what the contracts say. At some point, the media companies will cry foul because they didn’t sign up to host endless pre-recordings and commentaries by Not Rushes.


  2. Aesop says:

    Hear! Hear!
    I thought it was just me feeling this way.

    In the immoral words of Dr. Leonard McCoy, “He’s dead, Jim.

    The endless Weekend At Bernie’s Show into which it has devolved, with Meatpuppet #46 tapped to shove a broomstick up the corpse’s tailpipe and dance him around on cue is a travesty.

    Blow Taps, retire his number, and let the survivors all move up a notch in the batting order.


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