My Car is no longer covered by Warrantee

This is evidently a pretty big deal since various companies have been calling me several times a day to warn me of this calamity. How will I ever survive? Is there really a high enough profit margin in this that makes it worth calling every cell phone in America several times a day? Free Clue: If you ever robo-call me, I will not stay on the line long enough to listen to what you are selling, even if you are giving away free money, delivered by an attractive bikini model with “daddy issues”.

Are there people out there who actually buy anything from a robo-caller? Do those people still get robo-called for the car warrantees even after they bought one?

My car is 18 years old and has 310,000 miles on it. I seriously doubt anyone is interested in selling me a repair “warrantee”.

This reminds me of a commercial I heard on Glen Beck, back when the local radio station bothered to carry him. Glen was hawking a car repair plan that “he personally uses”. Seriously? A guy with Beck’s wealth is afraid of an unplanned car repair bill when he can obviously afford to simply push his car over a cliff and buy a new one? Of course, he claims to use and trust all of the products that advertise on his show. Marketers must have told him that people don’t listen to commercials any more because they are all lies, so now the commercial needs to be product placed inside the content. I have seen lots of the on air “talent” doing this. In my view, it simply tells me that the host is willing to lie to me with his own voice one minute and expect me to believe what he says the next.

Is home title theft really a thing? Advertisers on talk radio claim it is. I have never heard of it outside the radio commercials intended to get me to buy their protection plan. Something I didn’t know I needed. Last time I bought a house, transferring the title was hard, required lawyers, signatures, witnesses, bankers, AND TITLE companies. It didn’t look like something that could be easily done by a 14 year old Nigerian with a Russian mob girlfriend.

With modern technology the way it is, why can’t my phone company screen all of these out? It should be trivial.

For that matter, if Facebook, Google, Twitter can spot and deny service to Republicans and the FBI can geolocate everyone who was on the capital grounds on 6 Jan, why can’t they eliminate child porn from the internet? Why can’t the FBI use all that power to crush MS-13 and human traffickers? It’s almost as if they don’t want to.

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  1. Heresolong says:

    I have owned my house for 22 years. I have refinanced three or four times, either to take advantage of a lower interest rate or to do some projects around the place. Each time I had to pay for a title search and buy title insurance. I still haven’t figured that out. How is it that I can pay someone significant amounts of money to do a search but they assume no responsibility as to the accuracy of that search? How is it that after four title searches I still have to pay for another one? Were the first three that incompetent and untrustworthy? If they were, why did we use them?

    Thankfully no Nigerians have ever called me to offer me millions for the house because it is the birthplace of their President’s grandfather and, as such is holy to the Nigerian people. Although if they did, I’d be tempted. Perhaps they could buy it from me and I could work as the caretaker for an appropriately large salary as would befit the caretaker of such a significant landmark.


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