Arts and Crafts: doors = windows

The projects here never end. Today i am removing a window and installing a door.

I waited to do this until my deck was done so I’d have a surface to work from.

The doors are heavier than lead bars, wrapped in lead packaging. Just to move them around, I had to disassemble them. This was pretty straight forward and involved just removing the sliding panel.

These windows suck. Lots of water and insect damage.

To get the heavy doors up onlt the deck, I rigged a rope-pully-wench system and hauled it up.


Two more similar doors will go on that same wall, opening it up like a “wall of windows”.

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3 Responses to Arts and Crafts: doors = windows

  1. Ame says:

    very nice … and impressive.


  2. Heresolong says:

    Wish you lived closer so you could come over and give me advice on my pending projects. I now have a water leak in my front porch (old open porch enclosed by someone in the past 111 years). I thought it might be blowing in under the front door and so got a new seal with a drip guard. Installed it and much less water. Notice I didn’t say “no water”. The small carpet i have under the front hall coat armoire is damp when it was dry two days ago after I finished the upgrade and dryout. No idea where it’s coming from. So looks like I need to wrestle the armoire into the front hall so as to figure out the source of water seepage. At which point we will have three weeks of dry weather and I won’t know any more than I know now. Cause that’s how it always seems to work.


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