Welcome Unelected Overlords.

Oligarchs of big tech are implementing the purge that they have always wanted to do. Right wing (anti-communist and pro-American) voices are being shut down, deplatformed and expunged from all over the internet.

This already happened on TV about a decade ago.

Talk radio is under the microscope. Anyone who mentions the concept that the election of Joe Biden is illegitimate will be fired. This from the company that owns the network carrying Mark Levin and others.

Twitter is silencing people at will, even the President of the USA. The President then went to Parlor and that move was Trumped by Amazon when they shut down the entire service. Supported by Apple and Google, preventing the Parlor app from even being downloaded.

It should come as a surprise to NO ONE when it happens to Blogger and WordPress. Mark my words, it WILL happen here, sooner rather than later.

So, I would just like to tell my new internet overlords that I am a reformed and compliant lackey of the new state and fully support their opinions, whatever they might be, and will instantly forget having supported them and support a totally different opinion whenever they say I should.

I should also point out that the new regime isn’t really a communist takeover. Historically, it’s more like a reverse American Revolution, designed to put the King back on his thrown with the full weight and support of the aristocracy. But, of course, I could be wrong about that and will retract it if the WordPress censors tell me to. I certainly wouldn’t want to lose my ability to provide free content to the internet.

It is also very likely that your internet service providers (Cox, Comcast, Verizon, et al) are going to jump under that train before it leaves the station too. If you thought it was hard to say something critical of Biden before, just try it after your internet gets cut off for violating your terms of service ( the ones no one ever reads before clicking past it).

And thanks to the networks of things, and big data, there is no anonymity. You can lose not just your internet access, but also your phone access. You will be cut off with no contact to the outside world except your electric bill and 4 NPR stations you can get in your area.

This may be what was referred to in Revelation as the Mark of the Beast, without which you cannot work, buy, or sell. Imagine a society that exclusively uses bank cards for transactions, and then denies you a bank card because you don’t have a phone number and you can’t get one because Verizon thinks you will misuse it by saying things they don’t approve of.

This isn’t the typical DOOOM like global warming that happens in ten years… maybe. Or the super volcano eruption in Yellowstone, or that asteroid that passed REALLY close this time. This is happening right now, right here, to people you have all heard about.

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4 Responses to Welcome Unelected Overlords.

  1. blueinfantry says:

    I know that I have asked you before about sharing your posts.  At the time your response was that you didn’t mind.  I want to ask again before I share this one in it’s entirety (assuming you don’t mind) on my blog?  It seems funny that I ask because, well, it’s all public, right?  But I have followed your musings for quite some time and feel that you are one of those who doesn’t post based on emotion and simply trying to draw hits…  You actually have something intelligent to say.  Respect. Anyway, if you don’t mind… Thanks,




  2. Heresolong says:

    Parler with an “e”, in case someone is looking for it.

    Not that I support revolutionary running dog lackeys who spread hatred and vitriol against correct thinking people every, it’s just that my disability is obsessively correcting spelling.

    I also might note that for many years I was in the “if you don’t like it start your own” camp. That, however, was before the current monopolies developed the power to keep you from starting your own. That was always a reasonable argument when you could easily just start selling your new widget at the store across the street, but if the current widget maker can prevent you from renting a store, getting a bank account, or advertising your product, (plus keep anyone who mentions that you sell a pretty nice widget from any of the same) the argument sort of collapses.


    • No One says:

      I agree. All your arguments are belong to us now. And I no longer care about spelling since the big data companies tell me how to spell things the “right” way.


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