COVID vaccine: who goes first.

You can find features all over the nets today regarding the proper distribution of COVID vaccines.

Give it to blacks because they have been historically under-served by the medical community,.

Don’t give it to blacks because they have been historically experimented on by the medical community.

Give it to the old because they are at highest risk.

Don’t give it to the elderly because if they haven’t died yet, they are probably going to be OK.

Give it to the First responders and medical employees because of their daily contact with exposed peoples.

Don’t give it to the first responders and medical employees because it may mask the illness and they would then be unknowing carriers without conferring real immunity.

Give it to foreign governments to distribute because it isn’t FAIR for America to have it all, just because we invested a TRILLION dollars to rush it to market.

Really. At this point, it doesn’t matter.

The Pharma groups are now producing tens of millions of doses per week. If they run out Friday, they will have more Monday morning. Within a month, everyone who wants it will be able to get it. No one is going to die because they couldn’t get vaccines in the narrow window between someone else getting it and them getting it.

Solution: Distribute it to hospitals, public health clinics and then to Walmart and CVS pharmacies. First come first served. Let people decide for themselves if they want it that bad.

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6 Responses to COVID vaccine: who goes first.

  1. Heresolong says:

    Who knew that a vaccine would be come the newest “racist” thing. Except, of course, that everything becomes the newest racist thing in our awesome current society. I do like your observation on medical experimentation. Hadn’t occurred to me that that if there are negative side effects, the people screaming loudest to “let whitey die” will be screaming loudest about how racist we were to give an untested and unproven vaccine to colored people.

    My personal feeling on the matter is that you start by giving the vaccine to those most likely to die (aka old people of any color). The problem is that when they then fail to die, there is less need for lockdowns and fascism, so lose-lose for those in power.


  2. Heresolong says:

    LOL. I’m one of them, I’m at school every day and lobbying for students to return. Not that it does any good. I also have no interest in being vaccinated. I am not at risk and skeptical about the safety of something that was developed that quickly.

    But yes, I agree with you in principle.

    Off topic, OldNFO’s site seems to be down. Don’t know if you have any closer contact info with him but maybe let him know if he doesn’t.


  3. I’ve already had Chinese bat virus so I’ll wait and see how the negroes and old people do first.


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