COVID questions no one else is asking.

According to this story, the first non-test patient to get the COVID vaccine was a 90 year old woman from the UK.

Whoop-Dee-Freaking-Do. To me this is just like those people who clean up seals after oil spills and then release them into the wild, only to watch them get eaten by a killer whale. Under UK social medicine rules, there is no way this woman should have qualified for any treatment at all beyond making her comfortable. Even without COVID, she has a life expectancy that can be measured in negative numbers.

It would have been a MUCH more productive use of that vaccine to inject it into an overworked health care server who will be treating COVID patients. Obviously, the rules in UK favor photo ops over real risk.

Where did the UK get that vaccine? I’m not aware of the UK having any sort of their own “Operation Warp Speed”.

Meanwhile, The Washington Post reports that the administration has been told by Pfizer that it can’t provide more vaccine until late June or July due to its commitments to other countries.


The US taxpayers footed the bill for about three TRILLION American Dollars to front load R&D, reduce red tape, and kick start production even ahead of approvals. How much did those “Other countries” give to Pfizer to get production up and running? I’m guessing that amount is near zero. Once again, the USA does all the cooking and the rest of the world gets in line with their empty bowls for free soup.

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