Alternate view re: McConnell Betrayal

Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell today congratulated Biden on becoming “president elect”. His wording was very precise and specific. But even if taken at face value, I have an alternative point of view on what is happening.

The first and most obvious is that Mitch is simply being courteous and following the customs that are ingrained in him

There is also the possibility that Mitch knows how this is going to turn out. He is trying to get Kamala to resign her Senate seat prematurely. He is also taunting Biden-Harris. When they eventually lose, their tears will be even sweeter and the sound of heads exploding (metaphorically) will be even louder across the land.

It is time for Republicans to step up and show some spine, no matter how unnatural that feeling be be for them. Add to that the fact that we can count on McRomney stabbing Republican voters in the back. Victory is by no means certain. We may indeed be seeing the beginning of America being ruled by a permanent oligarchy who get re-elected by manufacturing as many votes as they need. Voter participation not required. In the setup of our nation, it was the People who are to be the final check and balance against the government, and that, in the ballot box. If voting is merely a sham, then our country is no longer what it was and unlikely ever to be again. After all, now that Democrats have proven that they can simply decree winners, why would they ever allow a contested race again? Naturally, they will continue going through the motions because there is a LOT of money to be made by people running losing elections.

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2 Responses to Alternate view re: McConnell Betrayal

  1. Iron Man says:

    MCConnel was a chickenshit RINO weasel when obama was POTUS.
    Another fine example of the need for forced retirement at 65 for politicians/term limits.


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