Still nothing.

Let’s take the arguments from the various cheerleaders one at a time, shall we?

Short of a massive turning to God in a spirit of repentance and willingness to abandon the materialism which pervades the entirety of American culture, we are done…

Right. I have a real splinter under my thumbnail about this sort of reasoning. First, it assumes that there aren’t MILLIONS of Americans who are living their lives in submission to Christ and doing everything humanly possible to lead lives that are pleasing to God. What is the magic percentage of believers do we need to have for God to “be on our side”? It also completely ignores the tens of millions of people who believe they are doing the will of God by voting for Barak Obama. I really don’t think that the Almighty creator of the universe is personally invested in the outcome of one election or another. And if we are going to go full-on Calvinist about this, we can say that having corrupt elections is the will of God so trying to stop that is standing in the way of God’s will.

Civil War 2.0

Not. Going. To. Happen. There is no rational way of looking at those words to put together a plausible scenario making it happen. Americans aren’t Somalis (except the Somali-Americans are in Fact Somali). We are a society that has known only decades of relative peace and prosperity, unknown in the history of Human civilization. Fat people don’t go to war. We are the descendants of people who suffered a “long string of usurpations” before they even sent a strongly worded letter, followed by another letter asking if the King got the first letter. To have a war, you need two sides. We don’t have that. We are totally intermingled even within our own homes. I have a feeling close to that of having a nail in my shoe, sticking into my foot with every step when I think of the shallow buffoons who casually bring up the idea of war on any scale as if it is a positive development on the current condition. We are FAR more likely as a society to grumble more, become more cynical, and then shut up at take it. Just like we did for Obamacare.

The game now isn’t about avoiding the Rubicon, it’s about getting as much consent from the governed as possible to do it. 

NOT. GOING. TO. HAPPEN. Trump is not Caesar. The USA isn’t Rome. The US military is not loyal to ANYONE. The deep state is assured to do just as Mr Barr has signaled and just wait it out. and the US military is every bit a part of the Deep state as is the rest of the government. They aren’t going to serve some massive number of indictments. The FBI/CIA/DoD/DoJ are not in any way going to help the Trump administration stay in office, no matter how legally justified Trump is. They have been showing us this every day for the past 4 years. The “resistance” isn’t going to stop “resisting” now that they are this close to the finish line.

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  1. Jeff says:

    There was a rocket attack this weekend in st clair shores michigan against a house with trump signs. video is out there. That kind of shciesse will eventually cause some kind of extra legal response. so maybe don’t call it civil war. blew the shit out of the guys house.


    • No One says:

      I saw the same thing in Bosnia once. RPG-7 fired by a woman who suspected her husband was cheating. Shit happens. Until it happens a lot, in a country of 350 million people, it doesn’t form the basis of any patterns. It’s just statistical noise.


      • heresolong says:

        Not to mention that much of the country will ever actually hear about it. How many people heard about Hunter Biden until well after the election? How many people to this day know that the State Department lied to the President about the number of troops in Syria because they were worried that he would do something about it? How many people know that virtually every “racist” attack turns out to be a hoax? How many people even knew the extent of the riots perpetrated by the left in the past six months or so? I have a customer who argued with me very recently that Antifa was just opposed to fascists; and a sister who recently claimed that both sides were equally responsible for the violence (which was mostly limited to Portland anyway, according to her) and if Trump would stop tweeting then the violent people on the right would stop instigating violence.

        I agree that a revolution is unlikely and undesirable based on all the things you said above, but if the left keeps pushing leftwards it is inevitable. I just don’t think it’s inevitable in the next few months or years.

        As far as the Bosnia anecdote, the difference is that wasn’t political. I suspect that political violence, versus random household violence, will eventually engender a much more drastic response. You can shrug off your crazy neighbor attacking her husband as “well, she was crazy, what do you expect” but if your neighbor is attacked for his political views, especially if his views align with half the country and aren’t crazy, you start to wonder if it could happen to you just as easily. Unless, of course, you keep your head down and don’t engage in politics. At which point you lose anyway.


      • No One says:

        Good thoughts. My point on the bosnia annecdote is that we see the violence but dont really know the cause. It might be a private matter between neighbors.


      • heresolong says:

        The problem with “private dispute between neighbors” is that it really does only seem to go one direction. People with Trump signs have their stuff vandalized, people with Biden/Hillary etc don’t. If it was just an issue of personal disputes you’d expect a bit more even-ness. This came up on a local Nextdoor feed where someone posted that they were scared to put their Biden sticker on their car. I didn’t respond but had to laugh, considering that Trump supporters have been routinely attacked in the streets and had their property vandalized for over four years, but it is hard to come up with a single counter-example.


      • No One says:

        I agree. I note that there is a lot of overlap in those groups too. People with Biden stickers are more likely to be irrational about other things as well and so instigate non-political private disputes. Like deciding the distinction bewteen insanity and Islam.


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