Breaking Election News!!

Still nothing.

  1. We know that the democrats have been running corrupt election practices for decades. It would be exceptional if just this one election were different and no wide spread institutional fraud was present. This is not even debatable. It is a fact, supported by mountains of evidence.
  2. Judges appointed by the democrats are themselves democratic party activists. It is why they were appointed. This is a fact, supported by mountains of evidence. It is why Trump made such a big deal over appointing new judges.
  3. The national “news” media is nothing more than the propaganda wing of the Democratic party. This is a known fact, supported by mountains of evidence. The media has been running a non-stop Democratic party campaign ad on their front pages for the past 4 straight years.
  4. The Republican party had a hefty percentage of back-stabbing office holders who are “Rinos”. Those people are nothing but “loyal opposition” for the democratic party. They have no intention of actually “conserving” anything.

Notwithstanding 1, 2, 3, and 4 above, it is evident that the deck is terribly stacked against Trump in this electoral outcome. The “fat lady” singing in this is the meeting of the electoral college in less than a week and it is a foregone conclusion that the contested states are sending democratic party electors to that meeting. None of the cowardly state legislatures are acting on this. None of the corrupt courts are blocking this.

My view from inside the government:

— The Trump administration is behaving as if they intend to still be in office in February. The Biden “shadow government”/transition team is behaving as if they are collecting evidence and taking names of “Trump collaborators”. The permanent civil service (95% pro-insert democrat to be named later) is acting like it is all over and the Trump administration can be safely ignored. I believe this is why Trump has made some key dismissals in the government in the past month. He isn’t having the “run out the clock” mentality by anyone on his team.

— An interesting memo sent out by the current “acting” SECDEF states that his number one priority is “ending the war”. That’s a pretty ambitious goal for someone who is only going to be in office for another month. I suspect the previous SECDEF was foot dragging and running out the clock on that too.

I really really hope that Trump can pull this off. But as we get closer to the electoral college meeting, the less likely that looks. Places like Vox Day’s site have been full of multiple lines of reasoning:

  1. It ain’t over.
  2. Trump has the upper hand.
  3. Trump can “cross the Rubicon”.
  4. Something… Something… Martial law.
  5. Don’t black pill us.
  6. Something BIG is about to happen.

I don’t see this happening the way the cheerleaders see it. I think that once Trump has his day in court, it is over. One way or another. The most likely thing is that Biden gets sworn in on 20 January and then gets safely hidden from view for the rest of his natural life. And nearly 80 million Americans will learn that voting in America no longer matters. Even in local elections, your vote only counts because the democratic party hasn’t turned their gaze to that district YET.

Reminder: A second Trump administration is the only hope our country has of squashing a permanent Democrat majority, maintained in office by manufactured votes masquerading as a democratic process. You can be certain that the people who benefited from this system are not going to lift a finger to clean it up any more than career politicians will allow term limits.

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