Theranos back in the news

Here is the story: Attractive young woman, drops out of college, starts a company based on revolutionary medical technology, becomes a billionaire, and the national media narrative puts her on the cover of everything. Then it is discovered it was all fraud. Her trial is soon.

What isn’t in the Yahoo story, because “journalists” are too stupid, lazy, and have the memories of goldfish.

  1. The board of directors contained many prominent members. Once of whom was a well-known 4-STAR USMC general who went by the name, “Mad Dog”. It was expected that DoD would be a huge customer for this product, if it got off the ground. Nothing like a little insider trading. Of course, “Mad Dog” got a pass. The media has his back.
  2. The story says the trial is expected to take 5 months. Why? Murder trials in Virginia typically take less than three days. Is the lesson here, if you are a billionaire with lots of billionaire connections, you can drag your trial out for 5 months, but if you are a regular surf, (like the jurors), your life isn’t as important?
  3. Yahoo “finance” is carrying this story. Yahoo “news” made a big policy change right before the election and deleted all of their comments sections on the stories they run. They likely figured out that most of their comments were from people complaining about how biased Yahoo “news” was. And they sure weren’t going to let the serfs run what amounted to non-stop pro-Trump campaign ads for two months before the election. They likely saw the comments section spreading the sort of content that their “news” rooms were going to so much effort to suppress.

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