Rollup of comments I wanted to make on other people’s blogs, but didn’t

Vox has had some interesting posts lately that I felt merited response, but since I already know he makes commenting at his site difficult, and I am okay with that, I post it here instead.

  1. Just go away. I have noticed this before too and it troubles me just a little bit. Vox is hardly unique about this. The simple fact is that the more popular a blog gets, the more people comments and the more trolls and ne’er-do-wells infiltrate and rob the blog of their wholesome goodness. I am totally supportive of this concept, even though I don’t personally suffer from those problems. Some blogs I like have an in-house troll who can be counted on to keep the discussion rolling by angering the serfs. I simply learn to not get dragged into the shit-show and only comment on things that matter to me. I notice that the Mailvox commenter seems to think that the internet OWES him the permanent storage of his scribblings in comment sections as if everything he writes merits a historical archive. I’m pretty sure NOTHING I write deserves such attention. When I pass from this Earth (in the distant future) I expect a brief squabble over my possessions and then the rest of the world will forget I was ever here. I have developed a very complex method for dealing with blogs that have complex commenting systems that force me to log in through google or other high transaction cost schema… I just don’t do it.
  2. This is why there is no evidence. Vox has been an early and often supporter of Trump and has been a singular clear voice on the internet saying consistently that Trump won the election in an landslide. His evidence on this, in multiple daily blog posts, is compelling. With that level of evidence available in the common internet, one wonders how anyone in the national legacy media can keep a straight face as they report every day that there was no fraud. The evidence for fraud is overwhelming. It’s not subtle or unprovable in court. It is so pervasive that it has exposed the utter corruption in our judicial system as well as the utter corruption of our election system. In every case before the courts, we simple need to see who appointed the judge to see what the outcome will be. Democrat appointed judges are all in on using their power to dismiss Trump campaign claims without hearing the evidence. Total corruption. If the President of the United States cannot get a fair day in court, what possibility do any of the rest of us have of equal protection under the law? The law is just whatever a randomly selected judge says it is unless he is overturned by a different randomly selected judge.

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1 Response to Rollup of comments I wanted to make on other people’s blogs, but didn’t

  1. heresolong says:

    Larry Correia talks about the statistics over at MHI. He is (or was) an accountant. Well laid out.


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