There is always an Arquillian Battle Cruiser above the Earth*: A commentary on Election Fraud

*Scene from Men in Black

There has always been election fraud and the evidence shows it is massive, organized, growing, and ALWAYS favors only one political party.

It is unaccountably unconscionable that the national news organizations would make the totally unsupportable and counter-factual claim that there is no evidence of fraud. Fraud in US elections is a known fact that has been a known fact for over 100 years. Any Journalist who claims that this year is an exception is engaging in outright attempting to re-write history to suit their own narrative. That narrative being, “Joe Biden won fair and square and without the taint of fraud”.

Point two: The national news media is also making the entirely counter-factual claim that any fraud that is found would not have changed the outcome of the election. Evidently, Logic 101 is not a class that you need to take to get a degree in Journalism. The whole point of election fraud is to change the outcome. If it didn’t change the outcome, no one would bother doing it.

So, just as the national news media ignored every story about Joe being Senile, corrupt, and hopelessly incompetent, they are pretending that election fraud doesn’t exist and when it does exist it only exists in ways that are contrary to the very purpose of election fraud.

Why does anyone still believe anything they see in the “news”?

Back in the old Soviet Union, their primary “newspaper” was Pravda. Everyone knew that everything in Pravda was lies, but they read it anyway for entertainment. It was a rich field for planting innuendo and conspiracy. People would read the official version, instinctively know that was a lie and start creating and spreading what they thought must be the “real story”.

I labored under the mistaken belief that in the USA, we had fair and free elections. Now I see it was all just a game where party insiders decided which candidates were good for me and which ones would take office. The Fix is in. It has always been in. Among Trump’s many accomplishments is this latest: ripping the curtain down and showing us what is behind it. Having seen what is behind it, you cannot un-see it. when it comes to elections, the USA is no better than Cuba, China, or Venezuela. Africa has less corrupt elections.

I now wonder when was the last time the Democrats have “won” ANY election? Do the Democrats really hold places like California and New York or is that all just part of the ongoing and growing elections fraud.

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3 Responses to There is always an Arquillian Battle Cruiser above the Earth*: A commentary on Election Fraud

  1. Heresolong says:

    Heard a commentator say “when I was in Africa I saw the winning party machine gunning their opposition in the street. I never thought I’d see the like here, when a sitting president refuses to accept the results of the election” as though there were a moral equivalence. Pravda-esque indeed when a President is attacked for asking that the election results be fair and real.


  2. theantignostic says:

    I went to sleep at 0245 with most of the vote in for the 4 states that would have given Trump 275 electors.

    As I slumbered, there was a pause, and then lo, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of votes started being counted (and counted, and counted) for Biden. A true Festivus miracle! I think you’re right about the Fix. I don’t think they ever intend to let anything like 2016 happen ever again.

    Your comments on civil war are very well taken. Anybody who doesn’t think Americans wouldn’t burn each other over coals is naive. And there’s a lot of prosperity and easy living at stake, so it truly shouldn’t happen. Calories and energy are still abundant.

    But I’m really worried that COVID, climate, racism and firearms are going to be justifications for a tsunami of regulations to pick the winners and losers in the marketplace. And immigration laws simply will not be enforced.

    So I don’t know what happens next, and I’m too old for civil war.


    • No One says:

      There is a theory that the old are the only ones suitable for war. They have already lived fruitful lives and are now in a position to “take one for the team”. Of course, in Liftist America, that means rejecting health care for you are too expensive and no return on investment.


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