Moving Forward

What is so damned hard about voting by mail?

Every adult in the USA knows how their postal system works. Important stuff gets lost or stolen all the time. The Postmaster General for decades has been telling people to never send cash in the mail. Why? BECAUSE POSTAL EMPLOYEES ARE THIEVES. Yet we can all count on a trove of junk mail to be in our mailbox every day.

There is no reason at all why legislatures could not require that all votes be counted by midnight on 3 November and for voting offices to schedule printing and sending out ballots accordingly. It’s not like election day just snuck up on us or we needed extra time deciding who the candidates were.

I don’t trust mail-in balloting either, but if legislatures decide to have it, there is no reason at all why they can’t structure it to make sense.

I have seen how the Iraqis do it. They do it the way they do to avoid rampant voter fraud. Why do they resort to rampant fraud? Because winning really matters. The winner gets to distribute all the spoils. America has several orders of magnitude greater spoils to distribute. Of course it matters enough to cheat. In the past, cheating has been held to a tolerable level. But now it is intolerable. We can’t count on courts, governors or justice departments to keep the system honest. We need to do it the Iraqi way. Everyone votes in person, on election day and then you dip your finger in the ink well to show you voted and keep you from doing it again.

And while they are at it, they need to clean up the election laws about what happens if your candidate dies after his name is on the ballot, but before he takes office. I propose that a special election is needed.

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1 Response to Moving Forward

  1. blueinfantry says:

    The Iraqi way. Too easy. Too logical. Too inexpensive. I like it!


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