A Few Final Words About George Floyd

I was lurking around the internets this morning while “working from home” and stumbled upon Peter Grant’s web site. He had a very old post about Floyd and it triggered me strongly enough to write something that may get me banned for hate-speech, and shit.

  1. Floyd died of a drug overdose. The police were merely present for his suicide. They did not cause it. The police may have triggered it just by being present since Floyd may have seen them coming and decided to swallow his stash. It’s not the police’s fault that Floyd was irrational and made a bad choice.
  2. The prosecutors should have known it almost immediately, if they have any experience at all with policing in that jurisdiction. The fact that they charged the police anyway with crimes tells me that the prosecutors were using their offices for political activism and sacrificing the lives of good men to boost their own careers.
  3. On Glenn Beck just yesterday, and also on previous occasions I have heard people say words to the effect that after watching the Floyd video, they were horrified and that everyone with a conscience would be. And further that “EVERYONE” was on Floyd’s side and agreed the police were reckless. Um… last I checked, I had a conscience and it is good working order. I watched that video and saw nothing at all horrifying. What makes the video “horrifying” is the narrative subtitles that the media provided about watching the police kill a man. The video itself only shows a group of police doing a very average job of just another encounter with a drugged up junkie, the sort of thing they handle exactly the same way 5 times a week. I saw and heard a guy who was uncooperative, being treated humanely and politely. I saw additional police arriving to assist in controlling the scene. I saw EMT being summoned and Floyd being placed into EMT custody. There never was anything “horrifying” in the video and absolutely zero reason for anyone to be “horrified” by watching it. I put this on the same level as people who eat meat from the grocery store every day and never consider that there is a slaughter house involved in there somewhere. You all live nice pleasant lives because the police are out there “interacting” with people like Floyd every day so you don’t have to.
  4. Criminals lie. They lie about everything. They lie to everyone. They especially lie to police. Police deal with criminals every day and get tired of being lied to. They are lied to so often that they KNOW with certainty that they are being lied to so they stop listening to the words coming out of the criminal’s mouth. So when one say’s “I can’t breathe”, it’s just another lie to manipulate the officer. This is what life looks like in a low trust society. The police have to go about doing whatever they need to do no matter what the criminal says. When they eventually restrain the criminal, they don’t stop restraining him just because he goes limp. “Going Limp” is just another lie criminals use to evade restraint and possibly cause injury to the police or his co-workers. ANY experienced policeman would continue the lowest energy restraint until the criminal is passed to another type of restraint. You can bet your farm that criminals now know that “I can’t breathe” is the new get out of jail free card.

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