Dear government: BLM and Antifa are Terrorists. Do your Job!

They are more terrorist than Timothy McVeigh or John Mohammed.

1. The body count is not what makes you a terrorist.

2. Both BLM and Antifa are organized and practice intentional acts of violence designed to intimidate as part of a larger organized effort to accomplish a political end. By any definition, they are terrorists.

3. Causing people to be terrified is not what makes them terrorists. If that were true, Stephen King would have been executed decades ago.

4. McVeigh was just a psychopath. He had zero plan to turn his violence into a political goal. He was the underpants gnome of terrorists. He just wanted to hurt people.

5. John Mohammed (aka beltway sniper) motive was to conceal his crime of killing his wife, then to profit from it. Personal gain, while indifferent to the harm he does to others, makes him a sociopath, not a terrorist.

6. But BLM and Antifa are actively engaged in violence with the specific motive of political gain for their organizations, using intimidation deliberately as a tactic.

The US government, with the full cooperation of state and local governments, should be using RICO statutes to root out and arrest their leaders, members, and anyone who has given them material support. All of them. Heck, different agencies should be competing against each other to see who can get the high score before all the targets flee to Canada/Mexico. And now that BLM has about a billion dollars in the bank, I am mystified as to why everyone with a badge isn’t trying to asset forfeiture their asses into bankruptcy, while handing out some huge Christmas bonuses to helpful police.

Since police at all levels seem totally uninterested in doing that, they should STFU about their Oath ™ and being “sheepdogs”.

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3 Responses to Dear government: BLM and Antifa are Terrorists. Do your Job!

  1. Heresolong says:

    What blue said!


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