Flying the flag of my people*

Relax. It’s not a hate symbol. I googled it and then downloaded the version from the ADL**. They would NEVER, EVER distribute hate speech symbols. So, all good.

Anywhays, my neighbor’s house is for sale. I’m strongly considering getting one of these flags (plentiful at local vendors) and flying it prominently in front of my house. Why? Certainly not because I’m down with the cause or am supportive of any of the make-believe hate speeches that emanate from such a flag. I want to fly it as douche-bag repellent for the house across the street. No self-respecting liberal would buy a house next door to one flying “that flag”. So, the potential quality of my neighborhood is improved.

If only I had a way to make it visible only when realtors are detected nearby.

*”My People”= the ones who are not fleeing a northern state with high taxes, high corruption, high crime, and over-regulation, only to vote the same way they did before, for the same people who will over-regulate, be corrupt, raise taxes and increase crime.

** Special thanks to Google and the ADL website, without whom, distributing this image would not have been possible (as easy). I wonder if their gift shops sell full sized cloth versions.

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2 Responses to Flying the flag of my people*

  1. Heresolong says:

    I am thinking about moving. I want property and a clear field of fire to all the approaches. I hate, however, the fact that my exodus will result in even more liberal policies as we, the sensible, relocate to where the rest of “our people” are, abandoning the increasingly large other bits of the country.


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