Game review: Farcry5

I bought this on sale at Steam. A nice first person shooter game with lots of cool features. Great graphics. Great story.

There are games within the game. Get tired of killing bad guys? Go fishing. Get tired of that, visit the arcade and play the at arcade games.

Best extra NPC companion character? Cheeseburger the bear. His special power is the right to “Bear arms” and he will exercise his right to kill. Hahaha.

Ending: total crap ending. Just skip it. Declare game over when the final boss issues his challenge. Three possible endings, all bad. Two nuke endings, not much difference, and the third ending is deciding to not play after only ten minutes into the game. WTF? why would any sane person buy a game where the best ending was achieved by not playing?

In game economics: stores in various locations offer stuff. None of which are useful. Ammo and weapons on the hoof are plentiful. You can literally never buy anything at the store and do just fine.

Aircraft: the airplanes are for the most part, unflyable. The ASDW key commands are too extreme to control airplane movements. No joystick support. Does support game control devices (whatever those are called), so the mini joysticks on those might be useful. Oddly enough, the helicopters are super easy to control.

Garages, docks, and airfields let you buy cars, trucks, boats and aircraft. But you NEVER need too since there are plenty of them scattered around you can take for free. Need a ride? Just shoot the driver of any passing vehicle and take it. (Freindly, enemy, neutral, it’s all the same)

The ending sucks monkey balls. Dont even bother. You spend 5-6 days playing and having fun only to be presented with the choices: kill all your allies or let the wookie win. No matter which you choose, a nuke STILL drops on your head and the bad guy wins.

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9 Responses to Game review: Farcry5

  1. doomdigit says:

    Didn’t care much for the game, never finished it. This song is good though:


  2. theantignostic says:

    Bro, you ARE Jacob Seed.

    I’m hoping there’s a hack where I can play on the side of the fit, charismatic cult leader. So I enjoyed the ending.

    I found the protagonist nickname “Rook” (i.e. “Rookie”) pretty fucking irritating. Like, you’re mowing down hostiles, slaying wild beasts and saving kind of attractive women all across this fair land and some fat burn-out of a sheriff keeps calling you “Rook.”


    • No One says:

      Rook is a double-meaning. It’s also piece on the chess board: the knight.


    • No One says:

      He’s not just fut charismatic cult leader. He leads a band or murdering psychopaths, who have zero redeeming moral virtues. Did you just miss all the burned bodies in the game?


      • theantignostic says:

        I could be a moderating influence. And he meant well.

        BTW, if you haven’t bought the brilliant, eagerly-anticipated, visually-stunning Death Stranding, don’t. Don’t even buy it 6 years from now when it’s resting in the bottom of the $5 bin at GameStop. Most hilariously awful game I’ve ever attempted. Some high-points:

        Your weapons, chemical grenades, are refined from your own feces and urine.

        Your “companion” who warns you of approaching danger is a test-tube fetus, which you carry around in a glass tank on your belly.

        You spend 90% of the game frantically stabbing the buttons on your PC/controller as you attempt to balance a 150-pound backpack while picking your way delicately across a hazardous, boulder-strewn landscape.

        You see, in The Future, we use breathtakingly sophisticated AI, automation, manufacturing, resource extraction, holographic communication, etc. But the supply chains are dependent solely on people walking around with these top-heavy backpacks.


      • No One says:

        Hahahahaha. Thanks for that warning. The trailers looked cool, except they reminded me of a real life job at UPS.

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