Questions no one else is asking

1. Since kids haven’t been to school in months, do the seniors all get to graduate anyway? If they can, then wasn’t the last 6 months of the school year a total waste of time every year?

2. Since all the schools are closed, but taxes are still being collected to pay for them, where is all that money going? Are schools still collecting their federal grants based on children in seats? Where is that money going? If it’s still being spent despite no kids present, was it EVER needed in the first place?

3. Can all those parents, teachers and sociologists who have been proclaiming the benefits of “socialization” just STFU now? When you are willing to burn the whole system down to keep kids from catching a non-life threatening disease, what was the point on building it in the first place. Humanity has always had life threatening diseases and public schools have always been Petri dishes and disease conduits.

4. I wonder if anyone is keeping statistics to later demonstrate that family-based child abuse did not increase, but school-based abuse dropped to zero. You know what else we haven’t seen in months? A school shooting. Even though we have more guns than ever. Seems to me, the common denominator was the schools all along.

It will be hard to say with a straight face the wonderful merits of public schools after this. But have no fear. Most parents see schools as daycare and can’t wait for them to reopen.

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7 Responses to Questions no one else is asking

  1. Ame says:

    errrr … errrr … wrong questions! they make the gub look ba-ad! you should know better 😉

    seriously … this school thing is absolutely nuts. they’re doing ‘pass/fail,’ as if they’re gonna fail anyone. and pass/fail based on … what?

    before i pulled Oldest out of high school to homeschool her, she often read a whole novel a day, during class, and still made A’s and B’s (if not for her dyslexia, which caused her to misread words on exams, she would have been a straight A student).

    and don’t even get me started on that butts-in-the-seats funding.


  2. Og says:

    There has been a meteoric rise in domestic abuse and at-risk children being left in bad situations because God forbid they be exposed to something that could be killed by washing their hands.

    The left has known for a long time that they will never defeat Trump if the economy is good and this is what they have done to try to destroy it. I think that they are in for an interesting surprise.


  3. Jess says:

    I’ve seen a few haggard mothers with masks and a passel of children without. I wonder if there’s a method to their madness?


  4. Heresolong says:

    I don’t wear a mask but carry a bandanna in case they won’t let me into a store from which I need something that I can’t easily get elsewhere.

    I have read that putting masks on kids is stupid. The masks get covered in warm moist germs, which then breed even more heavily because warm and moist. I’m not sure why that should be different than with adults. Maybe it’s because kids are germ factories.


    • No One says:

      As I look at the current crisis, I ask people, “don’t you ever get tired of being lied to”? We are lied to about so many things on a continual basis. Wearing a mask is just the latest in a long string of lies that our “betters” in government tell us to do. On the whole, it’s like the food pyramid, daylight savings time, and drinking 8, 8oz glasses of water daily. People need to wise up and understand that the people we select to rule over us only have one superlative quality. It’s not intelligence, wisdom, experience Or virtue of any sort. It’s just ambition.

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  5. Ame says:

    “People need to wise up and understand that the people we select to rule over us only have one superlative quality. It’s not intelligence, wisdom, experience Or virtue of any sort. It’s just ambition.”



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