SENATE infected

The news tells us today that Senator Rant Paul is guilty of Corona virus, after he decided to get tested, even though he wasnt sick.

I don’t buy it. He just doesn’t want to be on the Senate floor tomorrow and have to either vote in favor of a $2 Trillion boondoggle, the antithesis of his entire life’s work, or vote it down and be seen as telling his poor meth addled state citizens they can’t have free money.

He loses either way, so he is pulling the old Ranger school trick of wondering how badly he has to get hurt to quit but not look like a wimp. I expect he will fully recover and be back st “work” soon.

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1 Response to SENATE infected

  1. blueinfantry says:

    I like your perspective. One man’s free money is another man’s tax obligation. Rand is turning chicken on us… 😉


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