Arts and crafts: Bathroom Tile, Plus

It was a long weekend and it feels like I pissed it away.

I finally finished hanging the wall tile in the bathroom.

Then as I was pulling out the spacers, a section of tiles came down onto me. The tile needs 90% contact with the wall and you can see from the residue actually on the wall, I was hitting about 2%. The large gap created by the bow in the wall was just too much. If I had used smaller tiles, like 4-6″ tiles, they would have likely followed the contour of the wall. But these large format tiles are tricky.

With the leftovers, I put in a backsplash in the mud room.

I even had time for a lot of cleanup. I used a small circular saw (4″) with a tile blade to clean up grout lines where floor tiles are too close together. I made sure the depth gauge was set to make sure I didn’t penetrate the waterproof barrier under the tile.

Next weekend, grout.

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1 Response to Arts and crafts: Bathroom Tile, Plus

  1. Ame says:

    that tile is really pretty … but that space w/the uneven wall is crazy!

    imagine you will not even want to hear the word, ’tile,’ when this is all said and done 🙂


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