Vacation update

I went on vacation. Took a ten day cruise and just got back.

1. Longer cruises have the advantage of very few kids. This is more than offset by the addition of geriatric customers. Imagine everything taking an hour or two longer to make time for all the people in walkers and scooters. Ships were not made for that. Boarding ramps are too steep. Hallways are too narrow.

2. The crew did an excellent job feeding me multiple times a day.

3. Private beaches in Aruba and curcoa were awesome. Warm, clear water and tropical beezes.

Above video was taken on my phone, in a zip lock bag.

4. I am happy to report that after crossing the entire gulf of Mexico and Caribean sea, I did not spot a single plastic straw floating in the water. We can call this one a success and have our straws back, please? I also did not find any floating garbage of any sort.

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