Arts and Crafts: behind the walls.

I thought I would show a little behind the scenes pictures.

This first one shows a piece of luann glued to the back of the drywall. This is where the toilet paper roller will eventually mount. Wood for the screws to bite into and hold.

That black area is the shower niche. The 2×8 blocks to either side, mounted by deck screws. Deck screws have higher sheer strength than other screws and will hold better than nails. This is where the shower grab bar will mount.

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3 Responses to Arts and Crafts: behind the walls.

  1. Ame says:

    but . . . no mcdonald’s cups!

    are you going to leave an empty mcd’s cup between the walls for posterity?! lol!


  2. Heresolong says:

    Would it be better to have the toilet paper brace be a cross brace screwed at both ends like you did for the shower handle? A piece of wood just glued in doesn’t seem to provide much more support. Or I could be wrong. 🙂


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