Arts and crafts: shower tile

So… I got the floor glued down last week. I go back to check it this week and move along to the next step.

The floor slope is not right. As it is, water will pool in the middle of the floor and not go to the drain.

So, it all has to go. None of it is salvageable. I’ll need to break it back to base floor, create the slope I need, rewaterproof, and cut all new tile. I’m glad I bought the cheap stuff, and bought plenty.

I’m also glad I noticed this early instead of when I took my first shower.

Floor is cleaned out and covered with thinset to gain back the proper slope. It’s thicker along the back edge and walls than the leading edge.

And you can see I also have a shower bench set in. That is a single piece of scrap corian from the local countertop shop. Cost $20.

Ater it fully dries, I’ll check the slop again and then waterproof it again with blue stuff. Sloping, then waterproofing ensures moisture always moves to the drain even if it gets under the tile.

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  1. Ame says:


    my grandmother was an incredible artist with paints and yarns/thread. she owned a needlework shop for awhile – i still have some of her pieces. she was offered thousands of dollars for her work but refused to sell.

    one of the first things she taught me when she taught me needlepoint was to rip out my stitches when they were wrong. i learned valuable lessons ripping out stitches and doing them right.

    years later i ran into a young woman who was learning to sew. she was frustrated b/c she had to rip so much out. i told her she was doing well, then, if she was ripping things out and re-doing them. it’s part of it.


    but part of life.

    yes … best found at this stage than later on.


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