Arts and Crafts: Master bath, part 2.

Still working the master bath project.

Finished insulating the ceiling and installing vapor barrier.

It is odd to put so much effort to sealing air flow around the bath fans, that will, by design, let the air out.

Started framing the shower wall and toilet room. The 2x6s I bought last week are now too warped and twisted to use. First attempt at the new wall wasnt square. So I had to cut it out to try again. Back to Lowes for more 2x6s.


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8 Responses to Arts and Crafts: Master bath, part 2.

  1. Ame says:

    just thought of this … one of the most irritating things for me in every house i’ve lived in regarding bathrooms is hanging towel racks and trying to find at least one stud to drill into. if the towel racks are used often, wall anchors eventually don’t hold. perhaps consider putting in an extra stud or something vertical at a certain level? idk what the answer would be. in the first house my first husband and i built, our builder added extra wood pieces around the top corners of all the windows so we’d have wood to drill into when hanging curtain rods – best.thing.ever. have so missed that with the houses i’ve lived in since.

    anyway … in the bathroom … wood to anchor curtain rods and the toilet paper holder. take a picture with a yard stick or something before sheet rock so you remember exactly where you put them 🙂

    oh, and another thing i did in the two houses we built that i LOVED was i added an extra electrical plug in the toilet room for a night light. in one of the houses i put it up high, above the door. it was perfect – let a little glow of light and was out of the way.


    • No One says:

      Great ideas. I was really struggling wondering why I should put an outlet in the toilet room. I also intended to put in extra 2×4 along the wall for places to mount hand grabs. Also works well for towel racks, toilet paper holders, and such.

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      • Ame says:

        ahhh! hand grabs! yes! i forgot about that one!

        i think most bathrooms should have hand grabs, especially in the shower and accessible for getting in and out of the shower – so there’d need to be one outside the shower, depending on how it’s built. we think of it as an elderly or handicapped thing, but my Oldest daughter busted her ankle in middle school, and she still has problems with it. sometimes it just goes out on her. we keep a round shower seat in the bathroom for when she needs it. stupid ankle.

        the other thing i’ve decided is that all master bathrooms should also have a urinal. i’ll probably never build another house, but if i do, there will be a urinal in the master bathroom.


      • No One says:

        My shower will be curbless, so nothing to step over. Very wheelchair friendly. I dont need it yet, I just like the look. Open.

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  2. Ame says:

    i read a book before we built our first house written to people like us – not architects or in the home building industry – who were wanting to build a house. it was incredibly helpful.

    one of the things it emphasized was putting time and resources into those things that get the most wear, such as floors – spend the money and put more durable floors in high-traffic areas (don’t put carpet in front of doors to the outside) … and little things like toilet paper holders – no one wants a toilet paper holder to come out of the wall. or reinforcing the corners of windows to make installing curtain rods easy (i HATE having to use wall anchors).

    and … this is totally a matter of opinion and not the most popular one, but i hate tile. it’s hard and echos. i’d much rather have high-end vinyl that looks like tile than to have tile. it’s durable, absorbs sound, and is super easy to clean. hardwoods are my second choice. i have some friends who built a house a couple years ago and put in that tile that looks like hardwood floors i saw one little comment on fb about how it echos. ummm … yeah.


    • No One says:

      I used that wood-tile in my man-cave project several years ago. It’s very durable and I used it under the wood stove and the back door entry. High traffic and dirt areas. It turned out very nicely.

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    • No One says:

      I do intend to use tile in the master bath. , since it is intended to be a wet room.

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      • Ame says:

        those are really good places for tile. i think that wood-tile is beautiful; i just wouldn’t want it in my whole house. or in the kitchen b/c i hate wearing shoes, and tile is hard 🙂

        don’t they have tile that is less slippery for wet areas?

        my friends who used this built one of those open floor-plan houses where the kitchen and dining and family areas are all one big room. with three teenagers. it’s loud. i didn’t say anything when they made these choices b/c she’s one who doesn’t take advice well.


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