Annual police week rant

It’s that time of year again. Police week in the national capital.

1. If your police department is sending your people here, your town has too many police.

2. If your police department can afford to send cars, their entire motorcycle unit, and a support team here for a week, your city has too many police cars and motorcycles.

3. As a local, I hate police week. Police from all over America come here and tie up traffic with their incessant “permitless” motorcades, practically taking over major highways for their personal use.

4. It’s not as if all the protecting and serving doesnt still need to be done at the same demand rate as normal.

5. If your police department has a drill team, flag team, or band, your town has way too many police. None of those things are needed to “protect and serve”.

6. Not related to police week, if your town got one of those cool military armored vehicles ten years ago and never had anything to legitimately use it for by now, you probably don’t need one.

7. Not every town needs a SWAT team.

8. This isn’t a burn on police. I like police. This is a burn on public employees unions, city councils, mayors, and police “generals”. You people suck at managing resources. Police week reminds all of us “sheep” who your real priorities are… yourselves. Stop squandering resources on superfluous staff, officers, cars, and boondoggle trips to D.C. Taxpayers: next time your local police “needs” more funding for something, ask them how much they spent on this.

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1 Response to Annual police week rant

  1. Heresolong says:

    Local sheriff came to our town to bust some guys for growing pot. Check out the picture of their MRAP. Meanwhile “None of the eight residents at the house were arrested “. Needed an armored car but nobody gets arrested?


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