Mueller Report

The Full 448 pages of the Mueller report was released last Thursday and immediately posted on the internet.

  1.  Only minutes before the report was released, the national and international news media were still speculating what might be in it, instead of just waiting another hour and actually reading it.  The point of doing it was obvious.  They are still framing the outcome for the American people, just like they have been doing for the past 2 years.
  2. The Mueller report is nothing but a political Rorschach test.  Everyone sees in it what they want to see.  Some people see a beautiful butterfly.  Others see a monster with big eyes.
  3. With the report finally out, after 2+ years of effort.  Not a damn thing has changed.  The left, media, and Democratic voters haven’t backed off one inch.  According to them, the report clearly shows a list of Trump’s crimes that he has to go to jail for.  Crimes like “being president when someone who worked for him was in a meeting with someone else who knew a Russian”.  Crime #2, “Loudly protesting his innocence of any wrong-doing when everyone knows he is guilty as hell of being President and … Russia”.
  4. Trump’s supporters haven’t backed off one inch either.  They have always know this was a flawed process, established by political enemies for a political outcome.  It doesn’t matter that the investigation found no collusion by anyone, and clearly said so up front.
  5. It is full of every accusation, without regard to being verified or not.  Those accusations can now by reprinted by the media, to infinity, as “the Mueller report clearly said…” instead of “Comey, the guy who is on record as lying to us previously, said…”  Overall, it is a seriously flawed piece of work.
  6. What it all boils down to is still that the Democrats, communists, Socialists, Progressives and other leftists activists, still hate that Trump won the election and pissed in their rice bowls.  They still hate that he, as a politician, tapped into what real Americans wanted and promised to give it to them, then did it.  He showed the American people that Rinos and most of the Republican party have been lying through their teeth for generations and never had any intention of actually governing as conservatives, but just said what they had to say to get re-elected in conservative districts.  It has been quite embarrassing for all of them.  Of course they hate Trump.

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