Fickle Media in Democratic primary


The same old story.  Beta O-rourke, thought he had the media full attention.  Then someone new catches the media’s liberal eye.  And the new “girl” is gay.  Bonus points.  So, unless Beta is going to try new things really fast, he is done.  The media is doing all the same stuff they always do to help a candidate.

  1.  Run stories about how awesome he is.
  2.  Fail to mention that he is just another Socialist, in a field chock full of them with not a single hair’s breadth of daylight between them.
  3.  Mention that Republicans and Christians are hypocrites because Trump so they have no business sticking to a historically Christian principle like “Gay is bad”.  I don’t know about you, but when I need theological advice, I always consult militant atheists at the Washington Post, the comments section of Yahoo, and the local chapter of the LGBT activists.

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