Current Events: 10 April 2019

There is a lot going on, and nothing going on.  It’s all just more bread and circuses.

  1.  White nationalist is the new Racist.  The Left has so overused the term “racist” and no one cares about it anymore.  It has totally lost it’s sting and everyone now recognizes that it is just what the Left calls everyone who disagrees with them.  So now they have started calling everyone “white nationalists”.  And because most people are idiots and Republicans are half of “most people”, we see stupid things like Republicans defending white nationalism as “nationalism”.  Let’s be clear.  nationalism is good.  We used to call that “patriotism”.  It is the belief that your own country is a pretty damn sweet deal and you are glad to be here.  “white Nationalism” is not the belief that “white people created this awesome country and made it great in the first place”.  White nationalism is the belief that there should be a separate white nation, just for white people.  In the modern world, this is an absurd idea.  With the exception of possibly Iceland, it just doesn’t exist and it can’t exist.
  2. Trump’s tax returns.  The Left claims that the law grants the house the power to see everyone’s tax returns.  That is true.  But only for lawful purposes.  Invasion of privacy and abuse of power are not lawful purposes.  The Left claims that they have oversight responsibilities.  True.  Their oversight is for the IRS, not for the President.  So, if they want the tax records of the president to see if he has declared income from a Russian, they are off the reservation.  The House of Representatives has Zero oversight authority over the President of the United States.  He is personally a separate and co-equal branch of government.
  3. 30 some people have declared their intention to run for the Democratic nomination for President.  At this point, I think that the fix is in and everyone expects Trump to win re-election.  So all these people are jumping into a race they can’t win just for the purpose of getting their name out and gouging the donor list before it dries up.  Campaign donations has always been a great way to collect bribes.  Looking at the field, it is certain that the Democrats have nothing but “let’s all be communists” and “we hate Trump”.   The first one still doesn’t sell very well in America, despite selling really well on college campuses among people who studied “the arts”.

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